We know this looks like a type of grass, but it is in fact a type of lily – but a really cool one!


This really does have truly black leaves, which makes it pretty unique. It’s also evergreen well, everblack really and it has tiny flower stalks with purple flowers in summer.


Now in most women’s wardrobes, there will be the ubiquitous ‘little black dress’ that goes with everything – Ophiopogon is the plant equivalent of your little black dress.


So when planting it, be bold and go for some really contrasting colours, make sure you have plenty of theses chaps to give that background of black – and ‘bobs your uncle’ – a really interesting colourful border. Or you can be really avant garde and go for an all black border!


We’ve used it in:


black and cream



It took me years to remember how to spell this  – what sort of name is that, it takes two read throughs to get you teeth around it! I pronounce it ‘off-eye-oh-po-gone’, but it’s probably wrong.


Anyway, why bother with it, well it’s black, and you don’t get black normally but this has really really black leaves, and as the style guru in me says, black goes with anything!


It is not a big plant, it’s really a lily, but it can form a carpet along the ground, which is great for showing off other coloured plants around it. It does send up little purple flowers in the summer, so choose plants that compliment or clash with purple, but not both at the same time as that would look messy.

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