Every garden should find a sunny spot for lavenders, they truly are a garden must have of a plant.

Not only do they come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, they remind everyone of summer holidays and happy memories.


All lavenders need to reward you with a both a beautiful scent and a myriad of nectar rich flowers is sunshine and really good drainage. So no soggy bottoms for these plants!


We love to use lavenders a lot in our designs.


wedding FF noticed 4 perfume lollipops


 (main image: H Gevert)


Lavender serves many purposes in the garden, firstly it reminds you of summer holidays on the continent which is good, secondly it smells wonderful, which is also good, thirdly for the truly industrious amongst you, it provides flowers to dry, add to cooking, put in posies, put in bags to help you sleep etc, which is also good, but by far the best thing it does of all – it is one of the best ‘butterfly bistro’s’ around.


My lavender positively hums with life all summer, bees of all shape and size, butterflies, hoverflies and ladybirds in the day and a myriad of moths at night.  It has to be one of the best plants ever and you can get loads of shapes sizes and colours, so if your garden is lavenderless you are really missing out!


What would butterflies think v1



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