gaura flower

Gaura Lindheimeri:


The variety we have used in our design is called ‘Whirling Butterflies’, now if that doesn’t conjure up an image of this plant in your mind, nothing will.


Gaura is a bit untidy and may flop about a bit, so it’s best tucked in between something a bit sturdier to hold it up, but if you do, you get oodles of ‘whirling butterflies’ alondside oodles of butterlies flying about too!


It is not the lowest of maintenance plants, in that it may require a little staking and it really won’t survive cold wet boggy winter soils, but give it a good spot and it really is a beautiful plant to grow.


We’ve used it in:




I know I am an advocate for self reliant fuss free plants, but I am also a sucker for romantic comedies – and this plant is definitely in the ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ category of flowers.


‘Duckface’ was a beautiful woman, but a little highly strung and prone to an occasional strop but she was worth having around – just like this plant.


Gaura might not make it through a really cold wet winter, but with good drainage, it will send up loads of wobbly stems in early summer, they need a bit of a corset to stop things flopping (but past 40 don’t we all?), but if you can love it enough to do these things then the best variety is called ‘whirling butterflies’ which is probably the most apt description of the flowers there is!

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