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We want to help you get a more gorgeous garden. Our designs are created specifically for modern garden sizes and modern lifestyles. We aim to make sure all our ideas are practical, affordable and easy to implement – although you will need to do a bit of digging!


Design tips


We have loads of ideas to help transform parts of your garden.


We believe even the smallest of gardens is worthy of a makeover. See how our designs chelsea-designcan transform the garden. If you want to try out our designs, why not download our Chelsea Inspired Border Design – it’s totally free. If you like it then why not browse through all the designs in our shop. 

Download “Chelsea Flower Show Inspired Borders” Chelsea-inspired-pdf-Sept-2017.pdf – Downloaded 267 times – 2 MB




Not everyone can be as good as Monty, Carol or Alan….


So if your gardening knowledge falls a little short, we’ve lots of useful advice on what to do if it all goes wrong & even more usefully; getting it right in the first place!


Bee Friendly

We believe gardens aren’t just for us.


We want everyone to have a beautiful garden – but not at the expense of our native wildlife. All our border designs contain plants the Bees and Butterflies can feed from, after all who were flowers originally created for?

Download our Bee Bistro design for free and do your bit for the bees!

Download “Bee Bistro - Free Design” Bee-Bistro-free-download-Sept-2017.pdf – Downloaded 1028 times – 3 MB


Bee Friendly Gardens

Bee bistro

Download for Free

Garden are for Life & Not Just for Show

Real Gardeners Love Life – But What To Do About Bugs!

Hedgehogs & Why you Need One.

How ‘Green’ are Bedding Plants

Who are Flowers For?

BEE Responsible Gardeners

Does Your Garden Taste Good?



All the issues we are passionate about & a few others!


If you have something you would like to say too, drop us a line and we’ll add your rant to our growing list of ‘bug-bears’!


Sell your home

Most Estate Agents will advise not changing the garden if you want to sell your home…why?


Well probably because they don’t know as much about gardening as they do about interior decorating. However, change does not have to mean spending money. There are lots of ways you can change your garden and make it look much better – without spending money.


How Your Garden Can Help Sell Your Home…

New Viewing? – Tips for a Speedy Spruce Up.

My Garden isn’t Quiet or Peaceful.

The Garden is a Really Awkward Shape.

The Garden is a Little Unloved…

I have a Really Boring View.

There is a Distinct Lack of Privacy.

Making the Garden Look More Interesting – Without Spending a Fortune.

How to Make Ugly Fences less Noticeable.

We love plants – but not all of them, here are some of our favourites.

For more about plants….click on!


Did you know….


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