Frittileria Meleagris

There must be a word that describes bulb lovers, but really bulbs are some of the best, most effective and easy plants in the garden, and as such more is definitely never enough in my book.


So what are these ones, well they are fritillaries, slender nodding bell shaped flowers, but Nature has managed to ensure they have a chequerboard pattern  in purple and pale cream, how did that evolve, but there you are, tartan flowers!


These are woodland lovers and once in they get all stroppy if you keep digging up around them, so choose your spot carefully, and pop them in, them in spring, up they come.


The young leaves do look like tall grass is growing in your borders though and is easy to yank up by mistake, so best to leave a marker so you know where they are, and then each year sit back and wait for them to appear.

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