crocosmia orange 

Crocosmia; Monbretia:


Crocosmia grow from corms which sit just below the surface. 


We use a big red variety called ‘Lucifer’ in our designs, because although they do spread into large clumps, getting rid of the ones you don’t want is relatively easy because they are shallow rooted.

Crocosmia form ever increasing clumps, as the clump gets bigger, you get fewer flower spikes coming up. Every 2-3 years you may need to lift and split the clumps to reinvigorate the flowers again, but it will be worth it.


Crocosmia’s are really pretty  tropical looking plants, the leaves glow with sunlight behind them and the flowers do make you feel it’s summery – even in the rain!


FF sun 3 big n red


Crocosmias are really good at creating spectacular displays without requiring acres of space.


They have bright fresh green sword like leaves, which means they grow up, not outwards and as they don’t have twiggy bits you won’t scratch yourself if they go all the way down the path. 


In summer you get tropical red, orange or yellow flowers held up above the leaves, so you can see all of them. 


They will spread out sideways so if they creep where you don’t want you pull up the corms (bulbs just on the surface). 


The nicest thing though is they seem to glow in the sun, and so a big ‘drift’ of them is just lovely, if you want a little more colour for more of the year, team them up with Allium bulbs, Gladioli ( there are some lovely ones out there), or plant them with loads of Verbena Bonariensis or Fennel.

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