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Scale and Perspective

Small Garden Design, Don’t be flat, fill the space visually   Too many small gardens are flat, now there isn’t a problem with flat gardens, it’s just that with a little more thought and planning, your garden could look a whole load better!   I fully accept that a lot of people do not know much about plants and quite

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Be a shepherd not a sheep

Small Garden Design – Don’t just do what everyone else does!   Human nature is and has always been to ‘fit into a crowd’ we are, as a species, stronger together, (a bit deep I know but bear with me), however innovation and change can be hugely beneficial, and for that we need people to think like the proverbial shepherd

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Small Garden Design: Curves in the garden make it look wider   The basic idea here is to show you that with only very few plants you can make your garden appear wider. In the image below, the garden is dominated by the view of the fence and there are a few plants around the edges. So what do you see?

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Football goals can look OK

Garden Design Tips – Football Goals It is possible to have children, a football goal and flowers with a little forward planning and design cunning!  There are two problems if you have kids who love to play football. Firstly the damage from flying footballs and energetic mini-Messi’s and secondly the wear to the grass in front of a goal. Gardening with

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Check the ‘size in 5’!

Small Garden Design: Don’t plant a problem!   Another new garden border by the house builder, it looks OK right now, but all these plants are doing is storing up a problem for the new home owner (and as these are starter homes – it’s probably their first garden too) – thanks!     OK, so what is wrong, well

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