Anemone Japonica

Anemone japonica alba 2

Anemone Japonica:


This is quite a large plant, and put in the wrong place it can be tricky to get rid of. However, put it in a good spot where it’s toughness works to your advantage and you can grow something that out smothers weeds and looks really pretty too!


It really is an ‘en masse’ plant, so in a dark corner under trees for example, you get a lovely display of pure white flowers. There is a pink flowered variety, but as this plant is best in shade, the pink colour doesn’t shine as brightly as the white variety.


We’ve used it in out tougher places to grow designs:


white - semi shade giant - shade FF shade 4 plants -no sun

Anemone Japonica

America has ‘Old Faithful’ the geyser that reliably pops up and ‘does it’s thing’ again and again – well this is the the plant world’s equivalent of ‘Old Faithful’.


It is a plant to tuck at the back, as the green of the leaves is quite a dark flat green, but the leaf shape is nice, the plant is not a dense thicket, more the quiet kid at the back of the class who you suddenly find out is brilliant at street dancing!


I know I use a lot of metaphors and English teachers would probably squirm at my prose, but I choose plants because of how they make me feel, and this unassuming ‘child at the back’ every year throws up some pure white, incredibly pretty white daisy like flowers about 4 feet in the air – and it sends up loads of them, which then sway and dance in shade, or sunnier sites, they don’t care where they are.


There is a pink variety, but quite honestly it’s not a patch on the white one.


One word of caution though, for all the good about it, if you plant it in the wrong place it can be a problem. So, not near patios or paths and not in rich lush soil where it will begin to spread underground quite quickly. This is a plant you need to ‘treat mean to keep it keen’!

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