Alliums – You Want These Ones

Allium mount everest (3)  Allium H opening



Alliums are planted as bulb in the Autumn, and because they take up about as much room as a drinking straw – you can plant loads in a small garden!


We’ve shown here, Allium Mount Everest (tall and white) and Allium Hollandicum Purple Sensation. These make fantastic garden plants and they also double up as brilliant Christmas stars for the tree in winter too (with a little silver spray on). They are also generally totally reliable and really trouble free plants. You put the bulbs in, wait a few months and up pop these beauties, year after year.

Be warned, some alliums spread faster than a viral tweet, so avoid at all costs Allium Triquetrum. Allium Sphaerocephalon also pops up everywhere, in it’s defense it is pretty and beloved by bees though.


We use Alliums:


lollipops white-  sun

(Main image: ME Jones)



Plants that are totally independent are really special, by that I mean, you plant, up they come, they fade away and repeat the same cycle year after year.


Alliums are absolutely fantastic plants, and I think they work really well with Tulips. As the tulips fade these are coming into flower, yet they take up no real space in a border, so you can have lots!

There are tall ones, purple ones, yellow ones, white ones, short ones, hairy ones and firework explosion shaped ones.  What’s more if you leave the seedheads on at the end of the year and dry them – you can spray them and use them as the most amazing Christmas star decorations.

Allium mount everest (3) 

I have on occasion when I have felt creative (and have the time) hung them from the ceiling as my stars of Bethlehem.

Allium Hair, wonky and weird, but I quite like them

Allium Hair, wonky and weird, but I quite like them

Allium Hair is an odd variety, and is the only one that has developed rust in my garden, which is annoying, but my big word of warning is NEVER BUY ALLIUM TRIQUETRUM (it had a triangular shaped stem, pretty white flowers in spring), but this is a hugely invasive thug, it gets everywhere.

Allium Triquetrum (2)

I bought 20 bulbs and ended up with 2000, which I have been trying to get rid of in my garden ever since! However if you have several acres of woodland, then I suppose they are fine.

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